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Residence of Evil Drops Vigil Trailer at PAX South

Residence of Evil’s project, Vigil, received a new trailer at PAX South.

Residence of Evil Vigil
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Our friends over at Residence of Evil have been hard at work on a horror game of their own, Vigil. Made in conjunction with MoonGlint and featuring music by Mono Memory, this survival horror throwback has been their passion project for a long time.

This past Saturday, at PAX South, they revealed an official trailer for it.

Featuring the voice talents of JJ (of RoE), Nick Apostolides, and Suzi the Sphere Hunter, the story is framed as an interrogation of a member of Reconnaissance Operations Unit 3 or RO3 (JJ’s character) by another agent (Apostolides’ character). He gets separated from his team, only to come up against monsters of all kinds.

All of this horror seems to revolve around an enigmatic character named Abess (voiced by Suzi). What her role is is yet to be seen, but she likely is a sort of mastermind character.

residence of Evil
Abess from Vigil. Image: Residence of Evil

The trailer shows off fixed camera angles and interesting environments. The combat is pure Resident Evil through and through. Obviously they can’t show too much in the trailer, but the enemies also seem to be fairly varied.

Finally, RoE has an Enemies Demo for the game, which you can download and you can support the project via Patreon at

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