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Rainbow Six Siege Resident Evil
Rainbow Six Siege Resident Evil

Resident Evil News

Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting a Resident Evil Crossover

Another Tom Clancy property to crossover with Capcom

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Believe it or not, I adore Rainbow Six Siege. Finding a niche somewhere between hardcore realism and arcade-style flair, I’ve sunk countless hours and a fair amount of dollars into the first-person shooter.

Rainbow Six Siege is also no stranger to crossovers. It’s had plenty of internal banter with other Tom Clancy titles, even having Sam Fisher as an Operator. It also has had a little outside attention, with Attacking Operator Ash getting an elite skin that turns her into Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft.

In that same vein, it was revealed in a closed preview event recently that Rainbow Six Siege was going to be seeing some love from the Resident Evil franchise.

Zofia, an Attacking Operator who hails from the Polish GROM, is able to swap out her khaki-coloured beret for the iconic blue one of Jill Valentine.

Rainbow Six Siege Resident Evil
Image: Ubisoft

For those who haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege, elite skins go beyond a simple model change. Elite skins come with weapon skins, gadget models, charms, and even an MVP animation. These skins completely change the look of a character and add extra flair for their winning pose.

This reveal also included cosmetic bundles for a handful of Operators by beloved gaming personality Ikumi Nakamura, known as the prior creative director of Ghostwire: Tokyo, and known for her absolutely bubbly stage presentations. She’ll be creating bundles for the likes of Hibana, Smoke, Echo, and more.

The most important details of both of these nice collaborations (as well as a truly bizarre hint at a Rick & Morty crossover, of all things) are still unknown, including any potential release dates.

However, if you haven’t played it, I really do recommend picking it up, even on sale. It’s a solid shooter with a lot of free content added on every few months and can be found on all of the major consoles (minus Switch) and Steam.

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