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Raccoon City Edition Bundles RE2 and RE3 - 1 min read

Not a bad deal for a bundle

Resident Evil Raccoon City Edition

With Resident Evil 3 now officially released worldwide, many fans are able to play through the entire story of Raccoon City from beginning to end.

With that being said, not everyone has had the chance to experience this story. For some less invested or new fans, they’re not sure how to approach it.

Image: Steam

Capcom has decided to make that decision easier by releasing Raccoon City Edition. This digital-only bundle includes Resident Evil 2 (2019), Resident Evil 3 (2020), and Resident Evil Resistance.

This bundle is available for all platforms, and clocks in at around $80USD. That price can seem a little steep, but considering that 3 only JUST released and is full price, this means you can get 2 for just 20 bucks.

Both as a gift or a starting point, the bundle is tempting. It’s worth looking into, whether to pick up what you don’t yet have, or to give to your currently-unenriched friends.

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