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PS5’s Resident Evil Village Pre-Load Times and File Sizes Released - 1 min read

Even if it’s not accurate, it’s a good idea of what to expect.

Resident Evil Village

Previously, we talked about what Microsoft players can expect, as far as file size concerning the upcoming Resident Evil Village. Now, that same information is available for those who managed to snag a PlayStation 5.

A Twitter account dedicated to Playstation file sizes, named (quite simply) PlaystationSize , has given us a nice info drop of all the important times and dates.

Resident Evil Village size on PS5

Those who pre-order digitally are likely glad to see that they’ll have a full 2 days of pre-load time. While 27 gigs isn’t a huge download, it’s also nice to just boot up and go when midnight hits on May 7th.


As for the day-one patch, we’re still not sure. It could be any size, honestly. What’s more interesting to me is that PlayStation 5 has a decently smaller file size than Xbox users will see. Perhaps it has to do with compression techniques linked to the different systems.

Either way, the day draws closer. May 7th is just around the corner, and the suspense around Resident Evil Village grows every day.

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