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Resident Evil 3 PS5
Resident Evil 3 PS5

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PS5’s DualSense Controller Supports Health Lighting for Resident Evil 3

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With a transition in console generations comes plenty of worries. What will the new console retain? What will it do away with?

The new controller for the PlayStation 5, the DualSense, is certainly a change, at least a bigger one than from the DualShock 3 to the DualShock 4. Many of the features are subtle, like changes in haptic feedback and trigger resistance.

Resident Evil 3 PS5
Image: Sony

However, one feature that was retained was the colored light on the controller. Many games used this light in creative ways. For example, Outlast changes the light from white to a faded green when you activate the night vision on the camera.

Resident Evil didn’t disappoint in this facet either. In both remakes, the light’s color would change depending on how much health your character had. This comes in the classic forms: Green for Fine, Yellow for Caution, and Red for Danger.

Thanks to our good friend, DreamcastGuy, we know this feature at least for Resident Evil 3(2020) wasn’t lost in the transitional period.

Resident Evil 3 health lighting on PS5

If you play Resident Evil 3(2020) on your shiny new PS5, then these light effects are still present.

Sometimes, it’s the little things. You can also check out DreamcastGuy‘s PS5 review in the video below.

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