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Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio
Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio

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Prime 1 Studio’s Resident Evil 2 Statues Come With a Hefty Price Tag

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Not too long ago, we talked about a pair of statues by Prime 1 Studios, depicting Leon and Claire (with their new Resident Evil 2 designs) just absolutely destroying a few zombies. Highly detailed and dynamic, the pair of figures looked to be a nice addition to any collection.

Well, the set will officially release early next year, and oh man are they a doozy.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio
Image: Prime 1 Studio

Claire’s comes in at 21.6 inches tall and weighs a whole 40.5 pounds. Leon is 23 inches tall, and an even heftier 46 pounds. That means these things are DENSE. They must be made with something other than the usual PVC you see in a lot of statues.

The price taste, however, reflects all of that: a staggering $1,349, internationally. That’s about €1,141, £1,027, or a painful $1,856 AUS.

While that tag might deter many, I’d say the statue at least earns that price. Regardless, you can pre-order these Resident Evil 2 statues now, but when we know the official release date, we’ll let you all know.

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