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Resident Evil8

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Possible Information on Resident Evil 8 [Rumor]

An email was sent to our tipline claiming to have information on Resident Evil 8 and that Dusk Golem’s information may be incorrect.

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Leaker Dusk Golem (@AsetheticGamer1) sent the Resident Evil community into a frenzy last week with their claims about Resident Evil 8. Dusk claimed that RE8 had been in development since 2016, but had the project had been scrapped roughly 7 months ago and was in the process of being completely reworked.

Now it’s important to note that Dusk gave no reasoning for scrapping and rebooting. They gave no indication where they’d received this information.

Now initially this obviously challenged other rumors circulating on the internet. Mainly a rumor that Resident Evil 8 would be announced alongside the PS5 at a reveal event next month.

New “information” has been given to us

An email was sent to our tipline ([email protected]) claiming to have information on Resident Evil 8 that may contradict his claims. Though it is entirely possible if Dusk’s claims are true (and this information for that matter), that this might be the now cut version of the game.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Biohazard Declassified staff have no confirmation of any of this information. We are solely presenting it as what it is, a rumor.

According to the email, the sender gives the following claims about RE8.

The Rundown

  • Ethan will be returning as a playable character.
  • Resident Evil 8 was tested last year.
  • It will not be called Resident Evil 8, but will have a “clever title”
  • The game will be in First-person like RE7.
  • Gameplay starts in a village leading up to a castle.
  • The environment will be rural, snowy, and mountainous; possibly Europe.
  • Regular zombies will be appearing instead of the Molded from RE7.
  • There is a persistent shadowy “female” enemy that will follow you but will dissipate if shot.
  • There are also wolf-like creatures that will attack the player in certain areas.
  • Chris Redfield will also be returning in some capacity.

This seems goes in part along with supposed leaks by Evil VR back last Summer where they claimed that zombies would be returning and there would be a return of the Hookman.

Again, we highly stress that this is all rumor and we are simply passing along information given to us. If true, it would likely mean that my assertion that the testing emails in August were for 8 are valid.

Final Thoughts

Having said that, it’s all interesting to think about these rumors and if the series is taking another turn with the bioweapons and returning to the 3.5 “Hookman”-esqe approach to an enemy. As far as these “wolf-like” creatures, I’m wondering if this is more like a “Cerberus” from RE1-3, or maybe something larger. Who knows, it could be werewolves. With the direction RE7 went with the Molded, I wouldn’t be surprised for them to introduce new creatures, especially given the environment. Chris returning is intriguing as well seeing as we would possibly see more of his involvement with Blue Umbrella and possibly their true intentions.

I guess for now we’ll have to wait until February to see if any more light comes of this. Maybe if anyone is chosen for the next round of testing from the RE Ambassador program we’ll know more as well!

If nothing else we’ll all be enjoying Resident Evil 3 in April!

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