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Resident Evil 3 4 Parasites
Resident Evil 3 4 Parasites

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Capcom Ties Nemesis to the Las Plagas in Resident Evil 4

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We’ve heard a lot recently pointing towards a Resident Evil 4 remake being in the works over at Capcom. Officially, though, nothing’s been said. We’ve had to operate on potential leaks alone.

While this isn’t exactly an official confirmation, something about the statements we’re about to talk about colors canon in a way that raises eyebrows, but in a good way.

The Official Playstation Blog Interview

In conjunction with Nemesis coming to Resident Evil Resistance, Tim Turi over at PlayStation interviewed Kiyohiko Sakata, director of RE3. In this interview, they’re first asked about what Umbrella’s plans surrounding Nemesis looked like.

This leads to the devs talking about Umbrella’s Europe division, and the creation of the parasite attached to Nemesis.

resident Evil 4 3 Nemesis
Image: Capcom


This talk of Nemesis causes one of the devs to mention something that literally couldn’t have been canon on original release, but now seems to be considered part of the canon.

The Nemesis project was to artificially create the Plagas parasite, thus giving birth to NE-α.

Kiyohiko Sakata, Resident Evil 3 Director

Now, I don’t want to jump the gun here. It’s possible that this change to canon might have been retroactive. It would make sense that Resident Evil 4 takes place in Europe and involves a parasite, so making that connection isn’t crazy.

However, such a possibility has literally never come up officially before. In Resident Evil 4, Ada Wong was sent to gather information and secure a sample. Meaning very few outside the region knew of its existence.

Kiyohiko Sakata also went into quite incredible detail of how the decision to have the parasites in the 3 remake came down to the look and behavior of the Ganado in Resident Evil 4.

We inevitably decided on this final ability due to the presence of Ganado in Resident Evil 4. Ganado are humanoid enemies that are created through being infected with the Plagas parasite, the original basis for NE-α. When the Plagas activates, it spawns from the neck of its host in the form of a tentacle. NE-α was created to imitate this parasitic quality. We wanted NE-α infected enemies to be visually similar to the Plagas-infected Ganados as a means for fans to piece together how Nemesis fits within the whole Resident Evil franchise. While this was the design and background for Nemesis in this reimagining of Resident Evil 3, we should note that Nemesis was not designed with this in mind in the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.” -Kiyohiko Sakata to Playstation Blog

So we now know that behind the scenes the developers have linked the NE-α parasite to Las Plagas and now they have made that connection explicit.

It’s best to be cautious in any excitement you might be having. That being said, I think this is a legitimately significant distinction being made. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more officially soon.

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