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Play As Alice With Resident Evil 3 Mod - 1 min read

Resident Evil Movie Alice

I’ve made my stance on the Resident Evil movies pretty clear in my time writing for Biohazard Declassified. While fine as dumb action flicks, the name became an artifact, the plot no longer recognizable as related to the lore we knew.

Biggest amongst these changes was the character of Alice. The protagonist, she steals the spotlight (and sometimes, full-on plot relevance) from the characters we know and love.

That being said, there are those who don’t mind the movies. Some of them even wish to see Alice make an appearance in the games some day. Well, here’s the closest we’ll likely get.


Modder recreates Alice in RE3

Resident Evil Movie Alice
Image: Darknessvaltier

Modder Darknessvaltier has created a reskin for Resident Evil 3, swapping out Jill Valentine for the Milla Jovovich character.

Another addition in a long list of skins (not all of which are safe for work), you can add this divisive one to your library by going to NexusMods.

Resident Evil Movie Alice
Image: Darknessvaltier

You can also support Darkness’ work over on Patreon.

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