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Resident Evil News

PC Monster Hunters Finally Get to Experience Raccoon City

The RE2 event is live on PC.

Resident Evil 2 Monster Hunter World Crossover
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Console players have already gotten to battle (or embrace) the T-Virus in Monster Hunter World. Another in a long line of ambitious crossover projects, Leon and Claire find themselves fighting an entirely different kind of monster to what they’re used to.

Well, PC players, who up until now were stuck with YouTube for this content, can now fire it up themselves.

As of February 6th, the Raccoon City event is live for PC. Originally given no specific start, an update to the Steam page revealed that it’ll be running from the 6th until March 12th. A cool 5 weeks of Resi-colored fun.

This is the latest on a long series of crossovers. Geralt has already braved the wilds of World, and franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Horizon Zero Dawn have had their moments as well.

Those looking to play the Monster Hunter event or pick up the game specifically for it can head over to Steam to grab it and jump in.

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