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Official Daymare: 1998 Merch Opens For Preorder - 1 min read

Daymare: 1998 merch

Invader Studios’ Daymare: 1998 is something we’ve talked about plenty of times before. A send-up of the classic survival horror games with a few strong, modern elements, a few of us have even streamed it on our various platforms.

It’s exciting, then, to learn that Invader has partnered with eTHLETIX and is launching a merchandise line for the game in the EU.

Comprised of three different shirt designs, this first line of merch showcases a few different designs, including a standard logo tee.

Image: Invader Studios

Daymare: 1998 Preorder Promo

What’s even better about these tees is that they’re available for preorder at a promotional price until July 26th of this year. That means you can rep this indie darling at a reasonable price.

You can see the full line of merch and preorder here.

Alongside this announcement, Invader Studios also announced that Daymare: 1998 itself will be on sale for 70% on Steam by following their special link here.

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