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Resident Evil 3 Nicholai Model
Resident Evil 3 Nicholai Model

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Nicholai’s Resident Evil 3 Model Possibly Confirmed

Mark James Hill might be the man behind the mask for Nicholai in the upcoming R3MAKE.

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We’ve seen quite a few of the facial actors for both Resident Evil 3 and Resistance be revealed since the announcement. We also think it’s safe to assume with only weeks remaining, we’ll see several more.

Well, the team over at the Resident Evil Project has done it again! Their newest find is Mark James Hill, who posted a picture of Nicholai on Instagram, in a now-deleted post, and slyly hinted that he might the villainous squad leader of Carlos’s UBCS team for Halloween.

Resident Evil 3
Instagram: @hillmarkjames

We reached out to Mark for comment on this and see if he could confirm anything about the role and he stated, “I was told I cannot say anything until after the release :(”

Having said that, based on looks alone, we’d totally buy that he is at least the facial model for Nicholai.

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#tokyomalemodel #tokyo #tokyomodel #model

A post shared by Mark James Hill (@hillmarkjames) on

This means that we possibly have two of the five most memorable characters’ facial capture models now revealed. Since Sasha Zoltova was confirmed to be Jill Valentine several months back.

Hopefully, before Resident Evil 3 launches, we see Carlos, Brad, and Mikhail revealed as well!

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