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Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil News

October 29th Famitsu Issue will Focus on Resident Evil Village

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In Japan, there are few gaming news sources as strong as Famitsu. A weekly source for all things games, many developers use their interview time there to reveal interesting information about upcoming titles.

The October 29th issue, available on October 15th, will be focused on Resident Evil Village as. It highlights a Q&A email session with Resident Evil Village producers Peter Fabiano and Tsuyoshi Kanda and will highlight the village, Ethan, and the creatures of the game according to the preview page on Famistu’s website.

Resident Evil Village in the weekly Famitsu

Resident Evil Village Famitsu
Image: Famitsu

According to sources last week, we could also be seeing some new screenshots so no doubt we’ll be analyzing every pixel of these pics, plumbing them for secrets.

You can pick up the weekly Famitsu online for ¥550 (approx. $5.20USD) from the Japanese website Book☆Walker or for Kindle from Amazon Japan.

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