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Resident Evil Village Playtest New Location, Character, and Enemies [Rumor] - 6 min read

Resident Evil Village

As we move into the second half of August, we can expect to see more official news from Capcom on Resident Evil Village at any moment. Until then, we’ve hit a lead on a possibly previously unmentioned version of the Ambassador playtest that features a new location, new enemy type, and a second playable character.

As with all previous rumours, this is to be taken as such until we receive official news from Capcom or the team working on Village.

This person claims to have been involved in one of the playtests that occurred before the release of Resident Evil 3 remake as they say that’s the game they thought they were going to be testing, though once the demo booted up, it quickly became apparent that they were not revisiting Raccoon City, but an entirely new location. As with the other playtest rumours, it appears that area of Resident Evil Village this was also tested on a Playstation 4 Pro.

Resident Evil Village Playtest Breakdown

New Location & Character

According to our source, this test my test started in a very dark cave similar to the final caves of Resident Evil 7 and they were controlling a female character with a kerosene lantern. We are assuming this is the same younger female that can be seen in the Resident Evil Village reveal trailer as she is carrying a lantern.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

In this segment, the woman carried no weapons of any type and the objective was to escape the caves. Our source also indicated they were under the impression that she was very distressed and looking for something. They also heavily reiterated the fact of the caves being dark and mentioned they had to have a representative help them adjust the brightness several times.


In the caves, it seems there is a new enemy type that is different from the beast-men in the cabin standoff demo we last reported on. These new enemies were tall, with goat horns, furry, and bipedal. Which is interesting as a lone goat is also shown in the Resident Evil Village reveal trailer.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

These new carried swords and also had the ability to grab and bite the player as well. Our source compared the look of these enemies to that of Krampus, the evil creature that punishes children at Christmas.

Resident Evil Village Krampus
Image: The Ghost Diaries

While hiding in the caves our source says they came across a file that called these new creatures “Strigoi”, which interestingly enough have a base in Romanian folklore, which is fitting to the aesthetic we’ve seen thus far with Resident Evil Village.

There apparently was another one of the “witches” in the caves as well that seemed to be able to control the Strigoi going by the name of “Scarlett”. Scarlett‘s description seems to mostly match that of the “witches” we’d seen in the demo and previously described as part of a boss fight in a separate playtest.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

This “witch” again seemed to laugh a lot like the other, sported a tattoo on her forehead, and had the ability to control insects to use against the player and could also emit a purple smoke, though we’re not sure to what effect.


As the playable character had no useable weapons in this playtest, the only objective was to hide and use the environment to escape Scarlett and the Strigoi as there was no way to kill them. All in all, this segment seems very reminiscent of Ashley’s section of the castle in Resident Evil 4 as lanterns also play a part here as well. Only instead of throwing them at enemies like in 4, here you light them to ward off enemies.

It would appear based on our sources description of the caves, you needed to sneak around to various locations along the stage to find lanterns on the wall that you could light to keep enemies at bay as it would seem they have a sensitivity to light. However, the task isn’t as easy as it seems, if Scarlett spots you, she’ll call on the Strigoi to attack you forcing you to evade and hide until she loses sight of you. Our source recalls dying several times during this section.

Playtest Conclusion

Our source reported that once you manage to reach the end of the large cave you’ll be able to escape via a trapdoor that will take you to a room in the castle. This room appears to be someone’s living quarters as they mentioned that upon examination they were able to find a file in the room that mentioned a woman name “Pepi” resided there.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

However this character was not seen in the playtest, but the file described her as being tired and under duress from having to take and carry out orders from someone she didn’t want to. While this is purely speculation on my part, if this is true, I believe this will turn out to be the slightly elderly woman we see in the hallway during the trailer. Upon exiting this room the playtest ended with a “Thanks for Playing” message.

They did go on to mention that Resident Evil Village played very smooth on the Playstation 4 Pro they tested and there was no visible lose in FPS and the movement was very fluid.

Our source did also note that people around them did, in fact, play other versions of the playtest that seem to line up with our other rumours and specifically mention they saw someone playing in the castle and another person playing in the village.

Could there still possibly be other locations that were tested that we still don’t know about?

Hopefully will get some new information on Resident Evil Village as early as this week on the game. Until then, continue to check back with us for the latest information we receive on the Resident Evil Village and other games. If you have a tip or would like to drop some information you have, email us at [email protected] and we’ll check them out!

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