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New Resident Evil 3 and Resistance DLC Announced - 2 min read

Resident Evil 3 Resistance

Capcom has said already that Resident Evil 3 is a complete experience, to mixed results in the community. With that in mind, it should be surprising that Capcom has announced a new batch of DLC for both the single and multiplayer components on Twitter.

Resident Evil 3 DLC

However, that surprise will likely subside upon hearing what the Resident Evil 3 DLC actually entails: much like for Resident Evil 2, Capcom is giving the option to unlock all in-game content.

This option often is met with criticism from players, though more so against other players than Capcom themselves. However, both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 aren’t exactly light on unlockable content. Weapons, costumes, and more are available for those dedicated enough.

Resident Evil 3 Resistance
Image: Capcom

However, not everyone has the time, no matter how dedicated they are. For people like that, the fast track is a nice way for them to actually see that locked content within this decade.

Resident Evil Resistance DLC

The other DLC announced was for Resident Evil Resistance. This pack gives the characters new outfits. More specifically, it gives the women Claire’s outfit, and the men, Leon’s.

Resident Evil 3 Resistance
Image: Capcom

This announcement is a little disappointing only in that it may be a sign that neither character will make it to the game themselves, only their clothes. Many fans had hoped to see the iconic duo released as Survivors down the line.

That hope isn’t completely squashed, necessarily. It just seems less likely now.

Regardless, the costume DLC will be a paid unlock. We don’t know yet what it’ll run for, but the announcement did include the caveat that it’ll be paid DLC.

Dates for both are unknown, but we’ll update you when we know them!

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