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All Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Content on YouTube Gets Taken Down by Netflix - 2 min read

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

The situation involving the seemingly leaked Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Netflix series has hit a high point. Netflix has been systematically tracking down videos about it and taking them down based on copyright claims.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
Image: Biohazard Declassified

There’s a lot to glean from this move, both in its wording and the fact that it’s happening at all.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness takedown affecting all creators

First off, it should be noted that this copyright claim is pretty thorough. Not only are ripped versions of the trailer getting taken down, but they’re also taking out any commentary videos that use even a single frame of the leak.

This has been seeing even on larger outlets like Residence of Evil and Ink Ribbon just to name a few.

On top of that, the fact that they’re doing this at all lends even heavier credence to the legitimacy of the video. There wasn’t much doubt, to be honest, but even the most conspiracy-theorist fans will find it hard to deny now.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
Image: Biohazard Declassified (On our commentary video)

The most interesting thing to me, however, is the wording in the claim notice. The division of the title isn’t the way you’d normally notate such a thing. It looks more like a YouTube video format, which leads me to believe that Netflix is sitting on the video themselves, unlisted on their channel.

With such a sweeping drop of the hammer, we’ll likely have to simply wait on official word before we know anything more.

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