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Resident Evil x The Division 2 Crossover Event: How to Get the Nemesis Mask - 1 min read

Resident Evil the division 2 nemesis

The Resident Evil x The Division 2 crossover event, named Codename: Nightmare, celebrating Resident Evil‘s 25th anniversary is now live and has plenty of collectables for fans to grab until the event ends on February 15th.

The ultimate collectable from the Codename: Nightmare event is a mask that players can wear based on Resident Evil 3‘s Nemesis.

This is really cool as it’s based on 1999’s Nemesis design.

Resident Evil the division 2 nemesis
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To unlock the Nemesis mask, players will need to unlock all of the other event outfits via event keys. Event keys can gained either by increasing your level or spending real life money.

Either way you go about it, this The Division 2 event ends on February 15th and so does your chance to add this mask to your collection.

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