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Mysterious Masked Figure Spotted on Resident Evil Village Promo - 2 min read

Who’s in the mask?

Resident Evil Village

While Ethan still is getting hosed as far as face time goes, Capcom sure doesn’t seem afraid of teasing other Resident Evil Village characters heavily. There’s the mysterious man with the glasses, the wolf that splits art with Chris, and now, we have someone in a masquerade/plague doctor mask.

Spotted in an unknown place by Masa and seemingly making up some kind of promotional image for Resident Evil Village, this art gives a glimpse at a characters we’ve yet to see. Whether we’ve heard of them, however, is unclear.

Is this Resident Evil Village’s main antagonist?

A prominent theory amongst fans is that this is the mysterious Mother Miranda, with whom we see Lady Dimistrescu chatting over the phone. This possibility is strengthened by the figure’s eye, which is the same reflective, yellowish color that Lady D sports in all close-ups in art.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

There also remains the possibility that this is a character whose name we haven’t fully seen yet, such as whoever runs House Moreau. As we’ve touched on before, maps of the area encompassing the titular village seem to have multiple families in charge, and Moreau wouldn’t be strange for someone with a plague doctor aesthetic.

Either way, we don’t have any way of confirming either of these theories or any other, more wild ones that are floating about. That being said, it’s possible that that’ll change when Capcom holds their upcoming April Resident Evil Village broadcast, scheduled for the 16th.

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