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More Sources Support Resident Evil 8 Rumors

A few days ago, we broke a story that had come into our tip-line about Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 7 Chris
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A few days ago, we broke a story that had come into our tipline about Resident Evil 8. We did our best due diligence and checked with our usual suspects to try and see what’s passable and what’s not.

Mostly, we were able to parse what we got and come up with a good picture of the project that is destined to be Resident Evil 8.

One reliable source that we often look to is @ChaoticClaire, as well as her mysterious source CV, which have both been a consistent source of reliable information regarding Resi titles.

Well, ChaoticClaire recently tweeted out another cross-reference of our own leaked info, and much of it seems to look promising.

Along with what we published, she also references a “witch” character who seems to fill the same role that Evelyn filled in 7, giving the player hallucinations and trailing them as they progress.

While it’s good to see someone give something of corroboration for the rumors, we have to be careful. What we’re hearing now may be perfectly accurate, but game development is tumultuous. The entire project could shift direction at any moment (and in this case, possibly twice).

Hopefully, we’ll hear a more official word soon. Maybe some information will seep through the cracks when the Ambassador testing takes place soon.

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