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Resident Evil 8
Resident Evil 8

Leaks and Rumors

More Resident Evil 8 Info Allegedly Surfaces [Rumor]

Since our initial article on the Resident Evil 8 rumors sent to us, it seems leaks keep pouring through the cracks.

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Since our initial article on the Resident Evil 8 rumors sent to us, it seems leaks keep pouring through the cracks. Not to be surprised considering the massive press our leaks received. From IGN to Newsweek, the leak went everywhere.

And now apparently, more are surfacing.

Earlier this week German gaming source, GAMEZ.DE made a video on their YouTube account about all of the recent leaks along with new information they had received from an unnamed source.

The video contains a pretty fair amount of shoutout to us and compares our rumors to those of Dusk Golem on Twitter. The video is in German but has been updated with English subtitles.

Luckily if you’re wanting the quick version in English, our friend ChaoticClaire on Twitter has you covered!

The Rundown

In a now-deleted series of Tweets, ChaoticClaire breaks down the information provided in the video with these bullet points:

  • the rumor that the game had been scrapped and development started over (several times) is wrong
  • discussions about the logo design and if the game has an “8” in the title are useless at this point since things can still change a lot
  • release is maybe in 1.5 – 2 years
  • castle, but it’s smaller than the one from RE4
  • medieval setting and enemy designs
  • one or more witches will be hunting Ethan
  • even though it sounds like the Hookman from 3.5, it’s something new
  • zombies are wearing knight armor & wield swords
  • more action-heavy than 7, closer to Not a Hero gameplay-wise
  • director has been with Capcom for a while & didn’t change/leave (correction from the previous post)
  • the director was previously a behind the scenes executive producer who directed one game
  • Chris returns, but with a twist!

ChaoticClaire had previously mentioned on Twitter that previous information she’d provided might be out of date, so this followup was meant to add to that.

The end of the video shows “Chris” shooting “Ethan”. Now I’m personally intrigued by this because I’d previously speculated about Chris returning as a “bad” guy. Could this possibly be a big plot point Resident Evil 8?

Though it looks like it might be another year or two before we get any definitive answers on this unless the testing in March is for RE8 and if so, information comes forward.

Until then, we have Resident Evil 3 dropping on April 3rd to look forward to!

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