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More Industry Insiders Back R3MAKE Leak Claims [Rumor] - 2 min read

For the past week or so, we’ve been talking about the leak of Resident Evil 3’s data through the PlayStation store.

RE3 Nemesis

For the past week or so, we’ve been talking about the leak of Resident Evil 3‘s data through the PlayStation store. Though some still doubt it’s existence, there’s still a ton of alleged evidence popping up everywhere.

To add more flags to this summit, two other leakers have thrown their reputation on the line to confirm that yes, R3make‘s reveal is right around the corner.

The most recent is famous (or infamous, to developers) leaker Sabi.


Their insistence that the reveal is coming at the State of Play backs what fans have theorized previously. With Capcom already teasing a major reveal there, it’s not too far of a leap in logic, to make.

Interesting to note here is the language used. “A major reveal” is notably different from “THE major reveal”. This seems to suggest that while there’s no reason to believe that there’s more Resi news inbound, Capcom still might have other fun to share for their myriad other fans.

Known industry source and analyst Daniel Ahmadleaker also hinted at this earlier this week. His support of the leak is a bit more tongue in cheek.


Ahmad has long been a reliable source in the gaming industry and has proven so many times. While he clearly is enjoying a little memeing, it’s also not exactly something to ignore, especially since he went out of his way to talk about it.

leak image
Alleged Screenshot leak. Image: Unknown

With these two big-name leakers both supporting the State of Play theory, all that’s left is to wait until Tuesday to see what form the reveal will take. Hopefully, since we have a couple of screenshots already leaked, we’ll get at least a full trailer.

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