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Milla and Anderson Show Interest in Returning to Resident Evil

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I’ve been pretty vocal about my distaste for all things Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich, especially Resident Evil. These two helmed some of the worst adaptations to ever come across the silver screen, giving video game movies a bad reputation that only got worse with the likes of Uwe Boll slandering it further.

Well, not too long ago, both had some choice words for the newer Resident Evil adaptation: Milla responded with vitriol, and Paul, aloofness. Neither seemed interested in making any kind of return to the franchise.

That tune changed a couple weeks ago, it seems.

Milla’s Take

It’s hard not to be confused by Milla’s contribution to this conversation. After all, she wasn’t exactly passing the torch when first asked about the upcoming Johann Roberts take on the franchise. I’m sure that will do her no favours now, as she seems to be wanting back into the fold.

I was such a big fan of the game. That’s what made me want to be in the movie, to begin with. So, I would always love to go back to the Resident Evil universe. I think it’s such a fun place to be in, and it’s such a great reality. And, listen, I spent half of my career in that world. I would love to be a part of it again. I know whoever is doing it is going to have an amazing time on it because it’s a really fun world to be a part of.

Milla Jovovich, Interview

I’ll try and hold my tongue on her insistence that she’s a fan, though one wonders why a fan would let someone change so much of what made the source material great.

That being said, writing it off isn’t necessarily the right choice. Milla could have a place in the future of Resident Evil, so long as it’s not in the creative chair. I won’t pretend that her acting is just outright bad; people love The Fifth Element for a reason, after all.

If I were to spitball, I’d say she could possibly fill a role in the Raccoon City Incident. While Outbreak characters aren’t likely to be involved, given the non-canon nature of those two games, it still would be cool to see her as an RPD police officer or something.

Paul’s Take

Paul, on the other hand, has maintained a bit of the aloofness I mentioned before but is likely keeping a foot in the door.

You know, I think after six movies and $1.3 billion and 15 years of hard work, I’m ready to put my creative efforts into something else – which I’ve done. But would I become involved in Resident Evil again? As the late great Sean Connery told us, “Never Say Never Again.”

Paul WS Anderson, ScreenRant Interview

With Paul, though, I’m less likely to find a spot for him in the future of Resident Evil. We’ve already seen that he can’t be trusted with the IP, or any IP, for that matter. These comments were made before Monster Hunter saw the light day.

If you didn’t know already, Monster Hunter was a box-office DISASTER. With a budget of $60M, the film only grossed a meagre $19.8M, not even a third of the budget. This kind of performance likely won’t do Paul any favours in courting the execs over at Capcom in the future.

My Take

While I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel on this matter, both within this article and in others of the past. I feel this is a good place to sum up my thoughts on this.

My immediate first thought is that, despite these opinions both coming before Monster Hunter released on Christmas Day, I can’t help but find their timing convenient. Perhaps the writing was on the wall even before theatres saw the adaptation.

It’s also suspicious to me that Milla’s opinion of the Resident Evil reboot changed so drastically. Her original comments were almost high schooler in nature and tone. It was like she had broken up with a boy because the relationship was toxic, but she was still trying to flex on the new girlfriend. This is really the only analogy I can come up with.

It’s worth noting that there’s more hype surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil movie than there EVER was for the Anderson films. While the first generally is considered a decent film with interesting changes to the original plot, the subsequent films would eventually alienate anyone hoping for a film series based on the games.

This Resident Evil reboot hype likely inspires a sense of jealousy from Anderson and Jovovich. Roberts has effortlessly courted the favour of the fanbase that they failed to satisfy.

Maybe this is just me looking at it with an inherent bias. I won’t pretend that isn’t possible. I’m just pointing out what it looks like to me.

Regardless, this year, we’re going to see if Johannes Roberts’ entry into the franchise can live up to the lofty expectations that have been built around it.

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