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Merchoid Announces Resident Evil Coin Replicas Preorders - 3 min read

Resident Evil Merchoid

Resident Evil has always been pretty good about having good collectables for their fans. A lot of statues have been released, as well as various books and such.

The next in line of these kinds of goodies is being released by Merchoid. Merchoid has had a fair amount of licensed Resident Evil merch over the years to include candles, backpacks, clothing, and more.

Their latest line comes with quite a few things, chief amongst them being the replica Unicorn, Lion, and Maiden medallions from the Resident Evil 2 remake. The metal pieces each come highly detailed, with a display base for all three. These will come individually numbered and there will be a limited run of 5,000 sold.


Alongside this medallion set, there’s a S.T.A.R.S. badge replica that doubles as a bottle opener. Four embossed metal coasters depicting the Umbrella logo on one side and the RPD crest on the other are also available.

Finally, there’s a coin that includes designs from Resident Evil 3, featuring Nemesis on the tails side, versus Jill and Carlos on the heads side.

Resident Evil Merchoid
Image: Merchoid

These items can all be purchased through Merchoid. The medallions will run you about $25 each. The coasters ring in at $18, the badge costs $20, and the coin drops for $19.

All of these products are currently in preorder, and will release September of this year.

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