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Massive Resident Evil 3 Screenshot Leak - 9 min read


Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak

We’re in the final countdown until the release of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake. While we still don’t have a demo, Capcom has been steadily drip-feeding us concept art and screenshots over the last few weeks.

This leads me to believe we should expect at least one more trailer and a demo sometime next month and another trailer before the April 3rd release.

The big highlight right now is that a massive collection of screenshots have been leaked on the image-sharing site

Almost 30 images including concept art, Project Resistance screenshots, Jill facing various enemies were included can be found here. The screenshots seem to originate from, a foreign gaming website. Also to note, several files are marked that they were taken during a press embargo and weren’t meant to be seen until February 25th. So it would seem that maybe someone is in trouble.


But if you’d rather see them all in one place, we’ve got you covered below! Until we get a demo, hopefully, this will tide most fans over until release day! One this is certain, HYPE is definitely building up!

NOTE: Click to enlarge images.


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