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lifeafter x resident evil
lifeafter x resident evil

Resident Evil News

LifeAfter × Resident Evil Crossover Progresses to Stage 2

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The app game LifeAfter was the host of an extensive Resident Evil event not long ago. That event entered its second half on December 3rd, and will be running it until December 17th.

lifeafter x resident evil
Image: LifeAfter

This event brings players the characters Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker, adding to the originating Resident Evil roster of Leon and Ada. It also will include boss fights with iconic enemies.

Bosses include G (Stage 2), the Executioner Majini, Tyrant, and Nemesis. Each has their own quirks and drops.

Players will also be able to access any goodies that they didn’t collect when the first event was held. This means that, if you’re into survival app games, now is the time to get into LifeAfter available on Android, Apple, and PC.

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