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Netflix Gives Us Another Look at Leon and Claire in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness - 2 min read

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Tonight, the @NXOnNetflix Twitter account tweet another look at the Resident Evil 2 duo now teamed up once again to hit the small screen next year.

Leon and Claire’s characters are looking amazing and ready to take on more biohazard based badassery in their next appearance on Netflix’s upcoming CGI series, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

While we don’t have much to go on from the reveal trailer or this tweet, we now know that it is set in the canon of the existing Resident Evil game franchise (but that can mean anything with the way Resident Evil‘s canon changes).


Leon and Claire in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

I’d like to think that we’ll see other familiar faces pop up in this series, and it would be cool to see it tie into Resident Evil Village somehow since it is also releasing next year, but only time will tell.

We’re be monitoring this evolving story closer as we draw ever closer to the New Year.

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