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Resident Evil Village Lego
Resident Evil Village Lego

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LEGO™ Fan Creates Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu and Daughters Minifigs

Lady Dimitrescu just keeps popping up everywhere!

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There’s definitely been a lot of buzz about Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters from Resident Evil Village in the recent weeks.

It’s set off the fan base from everything some amazing cosplays, fan art, memes and a hell of a lot of Rule 34 content.

That being said, it’s been really awesome to see how creative the Resident Evil community can be, and how Lady Dimitrescu’s appeal has crossed over into other fandoms and media.

A neat one we’ve come across is from LEGO fan and Redditor, Demonic_Cucumber. They’ve recreated these bewitching characters as LEGO™ minifigs using Blender and Mecabricks.

Image: Demonic_Cucumber

They included multiple pictures of both Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters as Minifigs as well as side-by-side comparisons of the screenshots the poses were based on.

Image: Demonic_Cucumber

Honestly, seeing LEGO™ partner with Capcom to bring a Resident Evil Village inspired set, would be really cool. As both a LEGO™ kid at heart and a diehard Resident Evil fan, I’d buy it.

LEGO™ and Capcom, I guess the ball is in your respective courts to make it happen.

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