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Left 4 Dead Creators Tease Artwork for Back 4 Blood - 2 min read

Back 4 Blood concept art

The community surrounding Left 4 Dead is a strong one. With mod support and a dedicated fanbase, the series has long outlived many of its counterparts.

This community also tends to overlap with our own. While not necessarily horror, many of the same people who play Left 4 Dead also tend to play survival horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Heck, tons of mods exist that make the connection much more tangible.

Resident Evil Left 4 Dead Back 4 Blood
Image: Kirito

As such, it’s good news to hear that the creators Left 4 Dead are still working on a new title that looks to be the spiritual successor to the original 4-man zombie shooter.

Back 4 Blood is a similar, 4-person co-op game. We’ve known about it since March of last year, but the details have been pretty scarce.

To ensure that we don’t think that Back 4 Blood has become vaporware, Turtle Rock Studios has shared some concept art. In a way, it’s a simple show of good faith.

So far, all we know is the basic premise, that it’s built on the Unreal Engine 4, playable mutation zombies, and the fact that it’ll be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Back 4 Blood concept art
Image: Turtle Rock Studios

However, the possibility of other platforms (perhaps including the upcoming PS5 and Series X) still exists. You can also check out the FAQ page for Back 4 Blood here.

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