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Resident Evil Village

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Lady Dimitrescu Will Act Like Mr. X In Resident Evil Village

Mrs. X

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Since her introduction, Lady Dimitrescu’s role within the gameplay of Resident Evil Village has inspired quite a bit of theorizing.

After all, a giantess who sucks blood isn’t exactly something that Resident Evil is known for, so how she’ll be implemented isn’t exactly a no-brainer.

Thanks to some gameplay footage from Playstation, however, we now can safely say that her in-game behavior will be much like that of Mr. X.

PlayStation’s official Twitter account, shared this 11-second snippet of Castle gameplay, showing a much angrier Lady D than we’re used to seeing. She seems to be hot on Ethan’s heels and unsheathes her vicious claws when she gets within close range of him.

Resident Evil Village’s Pursuer

When this pursuit begins and how persistent it will still remain to be seen, but we can say with certainty that we’ll see Lady Dimitrescu roaming throughout her home from time to time, and drawing her ire likely isn’t too difficult. After all, you are the trespasser in this scenario, in a way.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

Either way, she’ll be chasing us through the halls of Castle Dimitrescu when we finally get our hands on Resident Evil Village on May 7th.

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