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Resident Evil Resistance Adds Jill Valentine - 1 min read

There’s another Sandwich coming to Resistance.


With both Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance on the horizon (or currently being played, if you’re French), a lot of the mysteries surrounding the titles are being revealed. One of these mysteries is whether we’ll see any memorable faces amongst the cast of Resistance, seeing as how it’s a non-canon spinoff title.

Resident Evil Resistance Roster adds Jill

Thankfully, that question has been at least partially answered, as Jill Valentine has been revealed to be one of the playable Survivor characters.

Resident Evil Resistance
Image: Capcom

A trailer centering around the heroine was released by Capcom the other day, and in it, that showcased her part in the asymmetrical multiplayer mode.

This trailer also included since interesting character building for Jill, including her interaction with Carlos.

With only a week left until (a shaky and troubled) release, we’ll likely be seeing a lot of hype-up content coming out from Capcom in the coming days.

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