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Jill Joins Resident Evil Resistance and Capcom Lays Out Future Roadmap - 2 min read

Jill and Nicholai face off yet again!


With many “live service” games, developers understand that people are taking a gamble on them. They realize that anyone playing their game expects more to come.

To help assuage any doubts, a lot of devs will release a roadmap of the content to come. This usually covers anywhere between a few months and a year ahead.

Capcom has taken this to heart and released a roadmap for Resident Evil Resistance, showing their plans for the next couple of months.

Resident Evil Resistance Roadmap

Resident Evil Resistance
Image: Capcom

The first month is April, and Jill has already released this month. She brings with her Samurai Edge and dodge feature to the Survivor side of the game.

May brings Nicholai as a new Mastermind character, though his special abilities have not been released at this time.

For June, the roadmap is even more cryptic. All that we have is caution tape labeled “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”. My biggest guess is Nemesis, though. The tape is very reminiscent of the CAUTION tape covering his new design. With Nicholai being released a month prior though, one would expect Nemesis to be his special ability, so we’ll have to see as time comes closer.

From July and beyond, sadly, they haven’t revealed any plans. Thankfully, they HAVE revealed that there WILL be content that far down the line.

If you’re enjoying Resident Evil Resistance, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t be left in the lurch any time soon. Capcom seems to be at the very least dedicated to the month’s following release. Beyond that, we can only hope that Resistance can learn from its forerunners (like Dead By Daylight) and keep the strength going forward.

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