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January Sheri Resident Evil Resistance


Interview with Sheri Nicole, Actress for RE Resistance’s January Van Sant

Get to know Sheri Nicole!

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As we all get ready for Resident Evil 3’s release in two months, we get new information almost daily. Recently, the team over at the Resident Evil Project, the group who first identified Sasha Zotova as Jill Valentine‘s face model, has started also identifying and confirming actors in the pack in multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance. One of their latest finds is January Van Sant’s facial capture actress, Sheri Nicole.

Resident Evil Resistance
January Van Sant. Image: Capcom

We recently got the chance to sit down and talk with her on her experience and getting into the character you can read below!

Jesse: How long have you been modeling for?

Sheri: I’ve been modeling (mostly in Tokyo) for about 3 years now.

Jesse: Have you ever done facial capture for a video game before, and if so what games?

Sheri: Nope, this was actually my first experience doing any body-scanning or facial capturing of any type! It was a super cool experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do it!

Jesse: How did you go about applying to be part of Resident Evil Resistance? Were you aware beforehand that it was a Resident Evil game?

Sheri: I didn’t really apply actually. My modeling agency contacted me with information from Capcom about the image of the type of girl they were looking for and once I told my agency I was interested they sent my composite and videos to the client and it went forward from there.

I did not, however, know that it was for a Resident Evil game until I arrived at the Capcom headquarters, so I was super excited when I found out.

Jesse: Once you were selected when did the process start to take place?

Sheri: It was quite quick after I was chosen that everything sort of began. After I was chosen for the part of January I had a fitting where they had me come in and try on the clothes that January wears in the game and they put me in hair and makeup in the style that they wanted January to look like.

Probably about 2 weeks after that, they put me on a train to the headquarters for the facial capturing/body-scanning where I did most of that in January’s clothes with her hair and makeup style.

After that was when the waiting began for the revealing of the game which took quite a while so I was really excited when the game was initially announced! I’m super excited for its release in April and I hope everyone else is too!

Jesse: Anything notable you remember from the whole experience? Any details on the facial/ motion capture process?

Sheri: I just remember being put in her badass clothing that she wears in the game with the makeup/hair and really enjoying it haha… the body scanning process was a bit long but super cool and interesting! I love that all of her facial features and body movements are actually mine; I think it’s so cool that we are able to transfer that into games nowadays!

Resident Evil Resistance
January healing Tyrone. Image: Capcom
Jesse: Were you familiar with Resident Evil before taking the role of January?

Sheri: Definitely! I used to play Resident Evil all the time when I was a bit younger as well as watch the movies! So I was super excited to be chosen as January for the new Resident Evil game!

Jesse: Obviously you and January share a face, but what about personality? Do you see a lot of the character in you or vice versa?

Sheri: That’s a good question! January is a badass and I love her for that! I like to think that I am sometimes too, but I think she’s way cooler than I am! haha!

Jesse: What is your favorite Resident Evil game you’ve played?

Sheri: Honestly, I don’t think I have a favorite!!! I have almost all of them and I love them all!

Sheri Nicole
Sheri Nicole. Image: Instagram
Jesse: Will you be making time to play RE3 when it launches in April?

Sheri: Yes! I will definitely be playing it when it comes out in April! I’m very excited for its launch!

Jesse: Would you be willing to be part of the franchise again in the future as January or another character?

Sheri: I would love to! I definitely hope I have the opportunity to go further with January’s character and/or any other characters they want me to play.

Jesse: If people want to learn more about you or follow your work what links would you recommend them to follow?

Sheri: Not all, but most of my work is on my Instagram page @sheri.nicole so if anyone is interested in keeping up with my modeling work and any other work that I do in the future, that’s where they will find me!

We’d again like to thank Sheri for giving us the opportunity to sit down and speak with her. You’ll be able to play as January when Resident Evil Resistance releases April 3rd for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

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