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Interview with Benson Mokhtar, Model for Carlos Oliveria in Resident Evil 3

Our sit down with Carlos Oliveria’s RE3 model.

Resident Evil 3 Carlos
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As we’re all anxiously awaiting the release of Resident Evil 3 in just a few short hours, the hype is growing! Last week a lot of information about the game was leaked when physical copies started appearing in France and now they seem to be everywhere!

One big piece of information was the release of the ending credits that listed out the models used in-game. On that list was Benson Mokhtar, who we’d received rumor in early January was the model for Carlos Oliveria. However, when we reached out to him in February, he was unable to confirm at that time.

Now that the credits been made public we got the chance to sit down and talk with Ben in an exclusive first interview about his experience in bringing the look of Carlos to life on current generation hardware.

Resident Evil 3’s Carlos Oliveria

Jesse: How long have you been modeling?
Ben: I have been modeling since 2007.

Jesse: Have you ever done video game modeling prior to Resident Evil 3
Ben: This is the first time I’ve done 3-D modeling.

Jesse: How did you manage to procure the role of Carlos?
My agency in Tokyo contacted me and I was in Tokyo luckily.

Jesse: How long did the shooting take? How was that process?
Early morning till noon I believe. First, they draw some points as references on my face then they brought me in a bright white room and asked me to sit in the middle of a spot surrounded by 100 or more cameras that took pictures all at the same time, then following a scripted sequence they asked me to do some facial expressions (some were difficult and detailed of the mouth, eyes, eyebrows…). Each facial expression was filled by a shot with a flash. Not blinking was the most difficult part…

Carlos Resident Evil 3
Image: Capcom

The next part was the body. They asked me to get dressed like Carlos O. and we went to another white room with plenty of cameras too. They asked me to step on a spot, asked me to model some stances. Finally, they gave me some M-4 like-weapon and asked me to pose in some basic combat stances.

The similarity with me was stunting… I believe this was done way before since it was a project…

Benson mokhtar
IMG 2692
Image: Capcom

Here is something interesting I’d like to share.

When I got in the photo studio I was handled some Carlos Oliveira artwork to give me an idea of what they wanted. As soon as I glanced at it I really got surprised to see the resemblance with me. I wasn’t sure when this was drawn… This totally got my full attention as what crossed my mind was “did they draw this before or after I was chosen as a potential candidate?”

Jesse: Were you just the face model or did you do body as well?
I was the model for both. I wanted Carlos to best fit the aggressive and muscled Latin American mercenary that I always imagined. 

I really like the original Carlos but when I played the 1999 Resident Evil 3 and found out that Carlos was Latin American, I thought that a guerilla mercenary looking guy would best fit.

It was a great opportunity for me to contribute bringing back this muscled ’90s movie atmosphere and make sure that Carlos would be identified as the Latin “Ramboish” guerilla guy from the ’80s/90s action movies. 

Latin American Anthony Quinn played the role of a North African Omar Mokhtar in “Lion of the Desert” and now you guys are playing some Latin American “Lion” looking guy. As a North African guy, it really touches my heart to say that.

Jesse: Were you a fan of the series before?
Yes, until the 5th game.

Jesse: Will you be playing Resident Evil 3 when it comes out?
Of course! I loved Resident Evil 1,2,3 and CODE: Veronica on Dreamcast.

Jesse: Are you a gamer? If so what is your favorite game?
I used to be a big gamer. Mmm… Street of Rage 2.

We’d like to give a HUGE shoutout to Ben for giving us the opportunity to sit down and speak with him. Ben is an absolute stand up guy and a real pleasure to talk with! You’ll be seeing Carlos fighting in the streets of Raccoon City when Resident Evil 3 releases April 3rd for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.

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