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Ink Ribbon Emmy's Diner Resident Evil 2
Ink Ribbon Emmy's Diner Resident Evil 2

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Ink Ribbon rebuilds Resident Evil 2’s Emmy’s Diner in Unreal

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Emmy’s diner is a critical set piece to the beginning of 1998’s Resident Evil 2 and sets up Claire and Leon’s first meeting in Raccoon City as he saves her from a zombie that chases her outside a side door.

Obviously, this scene and setting was missing from the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake, so we didn’t to experience this iconic set piece with modern day graphics.

Kai Morgan from the Ink Ribbon Youtube channel has been had at work bringing a modern look at this diner using Unreal Engine.

Kai has done an amazing job recreating this location and bringing a great level of detail.

The assets used are very close and on par with what the originals would likely look like in a modern engine.

Ink Ribbon Emmy's Diner
Image: Ink Ribbon

The Emmy’s sign itself looks incredible with beautiful neon lighting effects and a great job trying to match up the original font.

The walls show off a poster for Safsprin, an Umbrella Corporation medication, recreated by Kai in Photoshop.

Ink Ribbon Emmy's Diner
Image: Ink Ribbon

Also a really cool nod to the Resident Evil 2/3 remakes having the R.P.D recruitment poster featuring Brad Vickers.

Ink Ribbon Emmy's Diner
Image: Ink Ribbon

He also plans on building an updated version of Claire to add to this and has been posting progress videos on Twitter account with some really cool facial capture work he’s playing around with.

Kai was kind enough to provide us with some extra screenshots featuring Claire’s Resident Evil 2 model and a filter to add that 90s PS1 vibe.

You can check out his video on how he made this and other great Resident Evil and gaming content on Ink Ribbon’s YouTube channel here.

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