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Hideo Kojima is Planning to Make “The Scariest Horror Game” [Rumor] - 2 min read

Horror game fans know the painful truth all too well: we’re never going to see Silent Hills.

Hideo Kojima

Horror game fans know the painful truth all too well: we’re never going to see Silent Hills.

Hideo Kojima Silent Hills
Screenshot from Silent Hills PT

The Hideo Kojima-fronted project, made in collaboration with such giants as Guillermo Del Toro and Junji Ito, was set to be Kojima’s first foray outside of Metal Gear in a decade. All signs pointed to it being a truly terrifying, intriguing experience. Plus having The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus only helped hype the game. (However, he would thankful go on to lead in Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding.)

Konami deemed it not to be.

Amidst the messy breakup of Konami and Kojima, Silent Hills was buried in a shallow grave. With it any hint of a horror game being made by the auteur.


Now, however, in the aftermath of Death Stranding, Kojima looks to be eyeing the horror genre once again.

Hideo Kojima recently tweeted about getting into the mindset required to “make the scariest horror game”. To do so, he was going to watch some strong horror, starting with the Korean thriller The Eye (which spawned an American remake).

As a result, this has led many to the assumption that his next work of art will be a horror game. Above all, not a single person seems to be upset about that.


Death Stranding isn’t exactly a slouch when it comes to horror. Many of the elements within it are horrific to say least. The BTs alone invoke a pretty strong sense of terror.

One can only speculate what a pure horror experience would look like when it’s spawned by a mind like Kojima’s. PT gave us just a small taste of what he’s capable of, and has been hailed as the best horror game we’ll never play.

Therefore, this next possibly installment can only be legendary.


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