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Resident Evil Village Stadia
Resident Evil Village Stadia

Resident Evil News

Google Stadia Will Get Resident Evil Village On Launch Day

Want Village and a free Chromecast?

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Google’s Stadia console didn’t have the strongest launch, not to mince words. The ambition all-streaming console isn’t terrible, at its core, but many here in the states don’t really have the bandwidth to make it viable just yet.

With that being said, those that hopped on the train in its early stage will be happy to know that developers won’t be leaving them in the lurch entirely. Capcom, in particular, has decided to sweeten the pot for Stadia gamers: they’re bringing Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition to the Stadia for free.

resident evil village ethan winters
Image: Capcom

It’s a smart choice, as some of those who own the Stadia may not have had a chance to see Ethan’s first journey into the world of survival horror. This way, players will be able to play the entirety of Resident Evil 7, including its DLC, just in time for the story to continue with the release of Resident Evil Village.

Likewise, Google is also making the deal sweeter for players; if you pre-order or buy Resident Evil Village before May 21st, you’ll get a Stadia Premiere Edition kit, earning you a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra for free. That would normally run you for $100.

Resident Evil Village
Image: Capcom

This is all pretty nice, especially since the Stadia platform has struggled a bit. Google doesn’t seem keen to give up just yet, though.

Gamers of all platform allegiances will be able to delve into the mysterious snowy village when Resident Evil Village drops on May 7th.

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