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G-Fuel and Capcom Release A Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu-Themed Energy Supplement

Quench your thirst.

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Regardless of how many may feel about them, G-Fuel was the first company to go all-in on gaming as a sport. Obviously, those with skin in the game, like Razer, probably were “first”, but they make computer parts and accessories. G-Fuel, on the other hand, could have easily branded themselves as a standard sports drink, but instead, they dove into the digital waters instead.

As such, a lot of esports groups and game development companies partner with them regularly. Capcom, while not exactly present in the esports market, are no exception, and have partner with the sports drink company to make a Resident Evil Village flavor.

Resident Evil Village
Image: G-Fuel/Capcom

Called Maiden’s Blood and emblazoned with the matriarch herself, this flavor is described as “melon-infused”. As always, G-Fuel is marketed as helping with not only energy, but focus, endurance, and reaction time as well. This release even comes with a shaker with Lady D on it!

It’s easy to see why Resident Evil Village‘s Lady Dimitrescu has been so popular around the net. Not only does she carve an intimidating silhouette, but she also has a commanding personality that many are naturally drawn to, something that Capcom seems to bathe in right now.

You can go up against the vampiric countess yourself, as Resident Evil Village released on May 7th on all platforms.

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