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Dedicated Fan Creates Fixed-Camera Mod of Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7
2 min read

A lot of people love to think of “what-ifs” for their favorite series. Resident Evil is no exception. Many of the speculative exercises for Resident Evil fans revolve around the constantly-changing camera perspectives.

For old fans, they often wish to see the old cameras applied to newer games, while new fans want the reverse.

Some fans take this concept to its next logical step: mods. One ambitious modder decided to tackle an even more monumental task, though; turning Resident Evil 7 into a fixed-camera title.

YouTuber Enveloping Sounds showcased a roughly 2-minute long playthrough of this, showing much of the Baker homestead in Resident Evil 7.

We see much of him walking around, interacting with objects and occasionally brandishing his gun.

Resident Evil 7 Mods Needed

They used the Free Cam Tool and the Third-Person OTS Script by cheezeit and goldedtoad on Nexusmods and the Ethan w/ Head by alphaZomega and ZombieAli.

Resident Evil 7
Image: Enveloping Sounds

Enveloping Sounds has done this before, in fairness. Two years ago, he did this same thing to the Resident Evil 2 remake back in 2019.

Maybe, when Resident Evil Village comes out, we’ll see this sort of thing again!

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