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A wonder hat tip to an old classic

Residence of Evil Vigil

Now I’ve had time to mull over my initial play-test of Residence of Evil’s Vigil public demo. I thought it would be a good time to give thoughts and feedback.

DISCLAIMER: Residence of Evil’s VIGIL is in very early stages of its development. It is worth noting that we won’t be giving a full review of the experience until it inevitably releases. Only an idea of locations and door mechanics have been released to date. We will continue to provide you updates throughout the course of the project.

Residence of Evil Vigil
Image: Residence of Evil

What best explains Vigil is from Residence of Evil, “Inspired by the original Resident Evil games, ROE: VIGIL will pay homage to the Survival Horror genre with its very own original story, characters, and locations. ”


From the offset, Vigil aims to recapture the vibes and atmosphere from the original Resident Evil that resonates with the current fanbase. It retains the familiar fixed camera angle perspective that fans of survival horror know so well, as well as the iconic ‘footsteps’ found in games like the original Resident Evil.


Vigil runs on the versatile Unreal Engine 4 engine and, on my older computer, runs at a silky-smooth 60FPS. From a graphics standpoint, the game looks beautiful. The developer (Moonglint) has done a great job with dynamic lighting, particle effects, and shadows. The soundtrack will be developed by Mono Memory for the full build. However, for the demo they have a simple placeholder, serves its purpose.

Residence of Evil Vigil
Image: Residence of Evil

If I had to be critical of the Vigil demo (which at this point would be a little unfair) it would be that some of the camera angles – especially in the library area – can be a little disorientating. The controllers are a bit wonky but that may be a work in progress just to ensure that the main character can traverse the map without fully mapping buttons out. We currently don’t have an idea of the storyline, enemies or weapons that will be featured in the game. Hopefully, the initial demo should give fans a reasonable idea of what to expect.


I was spitballing ideas during my stream of Vigil and thought maybe they could offer a variety of different perspectives (first person, third person OTS, etc). That way the player can customize the experience to their liking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I like what content from Vigil I have seen, however, the path is only at the first traffic lights. I feel they need to expand on the ‘mansion’ they have introduced with newer and original ideas. This will help us make an informed review in the future.

Download ROE Vigil here:


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Andy is the co-founder of BHd and primary streamer.


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