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Resident Evil 3 lockpick
Resident Evil 3 lockpick

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Finding the Lockpick in Resident Evil 3

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Much like the bolt cutters, the lockpick in Resident Evil 3 remake gates off story areas and other goodies to help aid your escape from Raccoon City.

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Image: Capcom

You’ll want to pick up this handy tools as soon as possible as you’ll come across many large yellow padlocks as you first leave the subway and take to the streets.

The lockpick is also story critical to Resident Evil 3 as you cannot progress to turn on the subway power without opening the door at the substation.

Once you reach the control room of the substation, exit the room through the back door and head down the stairs. At the bottom, you’ll see a door locked with a yellow padlock and you’ll also see a corridor. Go down the corridor and you’ll see a body holding a box.

resident evil 3 lock pick location map
Image: Capcom

Grab the box off the body to trigger a quick cutscene, then examine the box to open it and retrieve the lockpick.

You’re now able to progress through the door at the substation to turn on the power. However, don’t go through it yet. Backtrack through the city to open the locked doors and boxes to find a ton of usual equipment.

Another benefit of backtracking before progressing is that you don’t have to worry about Nemesis or zombies respawning. 

Once you got the gear, you’re now ready to progress further into Resident Evil 3.

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