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Resident Evil Collection
Resident Evil Collection

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Fan Creates Resident Evil Collection Concept

We can wish, right?

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We often like to give some volume to fan creators in our community. The amazing artwork, concepts, and edits that you guys create never ceases to entertain.

Sometimes, though, we see something so good (like the CODE: Veronica Collector’s Edition mockup) that we wish Capcom was taking notes.

TheKosmicKollector created one such concept by envisioning a Resident Evil Collection. This proposed box set would be for the PS4 and would contain all numbered Resident Evil titles, as well as Revelations and Revelations 2.

I mocked up a design concept for a PS4 RE Box-Set! from r/residentevil

Wrapped in a box with some primo art, this mockup honestly makes one hope that Capcom is already thinking of a similar collector’s item.

Sadly, there are not even murmurs of such things. Rumors abound about possible coming titles, but unfortunately, for now, the Resident Evil Collection will remain a strong fan concept.

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