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Resident Evil 3 Tyrell Model
Resident Evil 3 Tyrell Model

Resident Evil News

Face Model for Tyrell Patrick in RE3 Possibly Identified

Another one found!

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UPDATED: 30 Mar. 2020 11:30 PM PST

UPDATE: (21 Feb. 2020 7:13 PM PST) Patrick Kengsong has reached out via IG Direct Message to say that he is indeed the facial capture. As of this time, there is still no official word from Capcom.

UPDATE: (30 Mar. 2020 11:30 PM PST) The leaked ending credits has confirmed that Patrick Kengsong is the model for Tyrell.

The latest character to have their model seemingly reveals is a surprising one. No, it’s not one of the biggest hitters, it’s Tyrell Patrick, member of the UBCS.

Bodybuilder Patrick Kengsong (@patrick_kengsong) took to Instagram last week, thanking Capcom for the opportunity.

In fact, it is a character of Resident Evil 3! Photographed two years ago and finally the release date next month. If you like Resident Evil, please come back next month.

According to Patrick, he was photographed two years ago for the role and seems to be very excited about this opportunity.

Now, one would likely think that this kind of announcement would mean we simply confirm him on the spot, but as we’ve said before, we try to be careful with that sort of thing.

That being said, he looks to be legit, as he certainly does look like him.

Until there’s more official anything, though, we’ll call him a pretty strong “Very Likely”.

*We’ve reached out to Patrick and Capcom for comment and will update this story following a reply.

Resident Evil 3
Image: Instagram

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