Resident Evil Destiny Impressions

You play as "Vander", another survivor in the Racoon City incident, and this time you make your own destiny in the game! 2 min

Something I am passionate about in the Resident Evil community is the ability to modify the game to your liking. It started with skins, music, sound effects, and enemy location swaps.

With regard to the original Resident Evil 2, I can happily say that as a community, modding is really hitting its stride. We now have ‘total conversion’ mods that use the RE2 base engine as a foundation, with original stories, weapons, sound effects, and characters. One of which is Resident Evil Destiny; a game story by PixelAvenger01 which the character ‘defines their own destiny’

Setting up Resident Evil Destiny requires the SOURCENEXT version of Biohazard (Resident Evil) 2, which I’m sure in 2019 is easily obtainable. Once this has been procured, download all the associated files from the official Resident Evil Destiny link – https://www.moddb.com/mods/resident-evil-2destiny/

Resident Evil Destiny is set in the same timezone and location as the original Resident Evil 2. Aside from a minor reference to the main game, Destiny has an original character, Vander, following his journey on his escape from Raccoon City. During his excursions, he meets a child called Beverly, who is worried about the wellbeing of her Mother, who is trapped inside her house. After studying diary notes scattered in the game world, you find out that Beverly is infected with a virus and requires a cure.

Story aside, you have to appreciate the technical accomplishment of this mod. It has original, glitch-less pre-rendered backgrounds with perfect boundaries. It uses its own ink ribbon system (i.e USB drives and computers) and even features CG cutscenes, something I personally have never seen in an RE2 modification.

Resident Evil Destiny feels exactly like how a Resident Evil game should feel. Without wanting to give away too much of the hour-long story, it at least deserves a couple of playthroughs to discover the various endings that Vander encounters during his adventures. Consider Resident Evil Destiny to have the official Biohazard Declassified seal of approval.

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