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Resident Evil Ambassador team Sends Follow-Up Email

Only a couple weeks have passed since those subscribed to the Resident Evil Ambassador program got an email asking them to sign up for testing on an unnamed new game.

Since then, we’ve had radio silence from the Resident Evil Ambassador program.

Resident Evil Ambassador email
Survey Email

Then, today around 4 am EST, those who DID sign up for this fantastic opportunity saw another email from the team.

This email asks them to partake in a survey, and for all intents and purposes, this survey is your entrance exam for the testing event.

Resident Evil Ambassador
Survey Question

I wish I could provide you with some tips as to how to “pass” this survey, but I myself am eagerly awaiting confirmation one way or the other.

After answering questions about your experience with gaming as a whole, occupation, ability to travel, you’re unfortunately met with an informational screen that informs you that, long story short, “we’ll call you”.

Resident Evil Ambassador
Final Survey Page

However, this means that the testing team is officially collecting its Guinea pigs, so check your email tonight. You only have until September 3rd, and who knows if alacrity will be a deciding factor.

The dates for testing remain the same: LA testing is September 21st and 22nd, while New York is the 23rd and 24th.

Good luck, everyone! If I don’t make the cut, send a postcard!

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