EVIL VR Claims Resident Evil 8 to be Exclusive to Next-Gen Consoles

We’re coming up on the scariest time to be a gamer: a generational switch. What should be a time to rejoice and get hyped is instead plagued with one, prominent concern…

Is the next game in my favorite series gonna be exclusive to the next-gen hardware?

For Resident Evil fans, the answer might, unfortunately, be yes.

Well-known Resi leaker EVIL VR seems to know something we don’t. It seems likely that R3make might be the last game we get on this side of the generational gap.

EVIL VR believes we’ll be seeing Project REsistance and R3make soon, but that these will be the most likely be last of this generation’s Resi games. He also has stated that Capcom is preparing major updates to the RE Engine for next-gen consoles and support for other platforms

If you’re someone like me, you never get a new console at launch, then this is disheartening. I’m really looking forward to whatever Resident Evil 8 may have in store, and would hate to have to wait to play it.

It’s possible that like many games made at the turn of the generation, 8 will be on BOTH generations, but EVIL VR seems to have no such delusions.

Fan Proposed Resident Evil 8 Logo. Source: Rawjent Productions

Either way, until we get the official word from CAPCOM, it’s all speculation for now. Perhaps The Game Awards will have something for us.

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