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Resident Evil 3 Art Might Have Leaked On PSN


Twitter user @Nibellion has come across a posting for Resident Evil 3 on PSN, complete with cover art icons. While just claiming to see it wouldn’t be very strong, the cover art pictures are pretty convincing.

Sadly, it looks like fan-fave Julia Voth won’t be the face of Jill in the new engine. It also looks like, just as Mr. X was modified in his remake, Nemesis will be sporting a redesign.

While I never played 3 and therefore can’t really comment on the redesign, I am kinda sad about Voth. With the current engine, having her be the face of Jill Valentine is easier than ever.

However, this is all still up in the air. I was unable to find these on my own journey into PSN, but it’s possible that any listing had been removed already.

resident evil 3
Resident Evil 3 Art. Image: Capcom

I had originally assumed that we wouldn’t hear confirmation until Jump Festa 2020 or the VGAs, but it looks as though we won’t have to wait that long, as the images have been officially confirmed.

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  1. I gotta say I’m not so excited about the Nemesis REdesign kuz I’m a die hard fan of the OG RE3 but that fact that we are getting another remastered RE is a dream come true!😍😍💯💪🏽

  2. I hope they stay true to the original nemesis, like how fans made the nemesis hack into RE6. Otherwise it will be very dissappointing.

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