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More Alleged Resident Evil 3 Images Have Surfaced

This week is shaping up to be busy for anyone trying to keep up with Resident Evil news. First, we got a leak of Resident Evil 3 via an update to the Playstation Network store. Now, more images of Resident Evil 3 have surfaced, this time looking to be screenshots of some kind.

These images were leaked by none other than Dusk Golem, a well-known leaker with a history of success.

The first of these is a close-up of Jill. While I’ve already stated my sadness in losing Julia Voth, the new model for Jill looks phenomenal. Hopefully, the voice will be just as good.

Resident evil 3 images
Second in the set of alleged Resident Evil 3 remake leaked images. Image: Unknown

The second seems to be a shot from a cutscene of some kind. In it, we get a small look at Nemesis in all his glory. I know not everyone is a fan of the redesign, but it looks to be just as menacing as the character was intended to be.

As far as what these screenshots are showing, there are two distinct possibilities.

One is that they’re from a trailer. Perhaps these leaks are from the upcoming Jump Festa or VGA reveal we theorized about.

The other is that they’re actually gameplay, which is even more exciting. This would mean that at least some of the game is already playable and that we might get to see a demo soon.

Capcom has yet to comment on the issue, so we’ll have to see what they say in the coming days.

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