Capcom drops a MAJOR hint on new Resident Evil announcement

Project Resistance

Capcom just announced Project Resistance, which seems to be an upcoming title in the Resident Evil universe. Much is still a mystery, including the title and style at this time.

The announcement was made this morning along with the news confirming a reveal trailer will be showcased prior to Tokyo Games Show 2019.

Could it be Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil 3?

The official website states, “Capcom is embarking on a new project.” alongside when the trailer will release – September 9 at 4 pm BST.

What will be revealed is still unknown, though I imagine it will reveal Project Resistance’s actual name and whether or not it’ll be the main entry (following Resident Evil 7) or a remake title.

Project Resistance Reveal
Project Resistance Trailer Release
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Project Resistance will have a major showcase at the TGS2019, with a stage schedule planned. We are hoping for gameplay, story, or characters.

TGS Project Resistance Schedule

  • September 12 (Thur.) 12:30-1:10 p.m. [JST]
  • 13 (Fri.) 12:00-12:40 p.m. [JST]
  • 14 (Sat.) 11:50-12:30 p.m. [JST]
  • 15 (Sun.) 3:30-4:30 p.m. [JST]

Project Resistance will be playable for those attending TGS who are pre-registered according to the website. You must also be a Japanese citizen to partake in any demo testing.

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available! The next few days are sure to be exciting! We’ll be watching for it!


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