Project Resistance Leaked Screenshots

Our first look leaked by Capcom’s YouTube

UPDATE: Capcom just announced Project Resistance this morning and we now have a first look at Project Resistance leaked screenshots thanks to none other than Capcom themselves.

Project Resistance Screenshots
Project Resistance Screenshots
Project Resistance Screenshots
Project Resistance Screenshots
Project Resistance Screenshots
Project Resistance Screenshots

Is this The New Outbreak?

Capcom’s next Resident Evil game might just be the Outbreak sequel we’ve been waiting for. The Project Resistance leaked screenshots via Capcom’s Youtube channel suggesting 4-player Co-Op!

It’s also interesting to note that Capcom also updated the domain registry for in April of this year, but their other domains have no changes since 2017. (The site isn’t live, but don’t be surprised if it becomes that way soon.) WHOIS data

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available! The next few days are sure to be exciting! We’re sure more will come to light the closer we get to TGS 2019, so we’ll be watching!


Project Resistance Reveal
Project Resistance Trailer Release
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