Capcom Allegedly Revealing Two Secret Games at Jump Festa

Capcom runs a pretty tight ship, all things considered. While we constantly see (and occasionally report on) rumors of all kinds, it’s rare to ever see a full leak.

This remains the case, as the rumor mill churns out something new: Capcom will supposedly be revealing two completely new games at Jump Festa 2020.

Jump Festa 2020
Promo for Jump Festa ’20. Image: Jump Festa Twitter

There’s no guarantee that these secret reveals even exist, let alone that one of them is Resident Evil related. Nevertheless, we can hope and speculate.

The biggest question anyone is likely to ask is, “is it Nemesis?”

If the story from EVIL VR can be trusted, that could very well be the case. Seeing as how we’ve already seen Project REsistance, that would hardly qualify as ‘secret’.

The other possibility is that it could be early information on Resident Evil 8. A teaser and official reveal aren’t out of the question. Finally, we might all get a massive surprise and learn that Dino Crisis is getting a reboot, though I won’t hold my breath.

This has been a big year for Capcom with winning Ultimate GOTY at the Golden Joysticks for Resident Evil 2(2019) and being nominated for the GOTY at The Gaming Awards. So we can only imagine what kind of big announcement this has the potential to be.

Regardless, we’ll know for certain when the event rolls around on December 21st.

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